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Genoa Healthcare® Pharmacists’ Trusting Consumer Relationships Aid in Support for Long-Acting Injectable Treatments

Providing Support for Long-Acting Injectable Treatments When a consumer who had recently been discharged from the hospital came into their Genoa pharmacy to receive a long-acting injectable (LAI) treatment for...

  • Jun 28th, 2022
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Genoa Healthcare’s Behavioral Health Services Featured in Chain Drug Review

As demand for behavioral health care continues to rise amid soaring rates of mental illness and substance use disorder, Genoa Healthcare® is helping bridge the gap in care for underserved...

  • May 17th, 2022
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Guide: Four ways your pharmacy partner can help alleviate burdens caused by staffing shortages

Clinics specializing in complex care are facing ongoing burdens from the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, they are experiencing challenges retaining staff. Is your clinic struggling with staffing shortages? You’re not...

  • Apr 19th, 2022
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Webinar: Ways to Overcome Staffing Shortages in Behavioral Health

During Genoa’s recent webinar, Brad McMonigle, chief clinical officer at The Talbert House in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Liz Hegarty, PharmD, director of operations at Genoa, held a discussion on how...

  • Apr 6th, 2022
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Guide: Relieving staffing shortage burdens at assisted living communities

Assisted living communities across the country are facing continued burdens from the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, these communities have faced challenges retaining staff. Is your community struggling with staffing...

  • Mar 16th, 2022
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Retail pharmacy crisis highlights importance of having a trusted pharmacy partner

Frustrations mount as many retail pharmacies struggle to meet the needs of the providers they work with and the consumers they serve. Fluctuating hours, long lines and cancelled appointments are...

  • Feb 18th, 2022
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Genoa pharmacy technician assists family after fire devastates their home

It seemed like a normal day for Pennsylvania Pharmacy Technician Veronica Bennett, until she received a heart-wrenching call from a new consumer’s husband. Their family had just lost everything in...

  • Feb 3rd, 2022
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Genoa Healthcare’s 10th annual art contest celebrates mental health benefits of creating art

Winning and semi-finalist pieces chosen from record number of submissions are on display in a virtual art gallery. Mental Health Benefits of Creating Art Each year, Genoa Healthcare® hosts a...

  • Jan 4th, 2022
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Webinar: Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics in Practice

Treating Schizophrenia Long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotic formulations are being considered more often in the treatment of schizophrenia to promote medication adherence. Genoa Healthcare recently hosted a webinar providing an update...

  • Dec 9th, 2021
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Genoa’s HIV pharmacies deliver compassionate, specialized care

Specialized Pharmacy Services for HIV Over the past 40 years, since the first handful of cases of AIDS were reported, the treatment of HIV has changed dramatically. Initially a death...

  • Dec 1st, 2021