High-touch consumer care, custom clinical partnership

Personalized pharmacy solutions for your organization

Staying on top of your consumers’ medications is challenging and takes time. Did you know a dedicated pharmacy partner can reduce clinic staff burdens and improve outcomes for the people you serve?

Genoa Healthcare can provide support by bringing pharmacy care to your organization in a way that works for you

We partner one-on-one with you to choose your pharmacy model by considering:

The needs of the people you serve
The level of support your team is looking for
Available space at your facility
Regulations in your state

Pharmacy care four ways

All at no cost. No, really.

Genoa’s four pharmacy models offer personalized pharmacy care to organizations of all sizes. Each model offers its own features and benefits, but you can expect the same dedicated support no matter which you implement. 

All Genoa models offer: 

  • Full-service pharmacy services that fill all medications 
  • A pharmacy team that fully integrates with your care team 
  • Specialized packaging, including pre-filled pill organizers 
  • No-cost delivery and mail options 
  • Prior authorization assistance 
  • Refill synchronization 
  • Reminder calls 

On-site pharmacy

Genoa builds a pharmacy within your organization at no cost to you.

Our full-service, on-site pharmacies are staffed by a pharmacist and certified technician(s) who are dedicated to your care team and the people you serve. Being down the hall makes it easy for our pharmacy teams to become a fully integrated member of your care team, available to answer treatment questions, provide support and build trusting relationships with your staff and the people you serve. 

Take a tour of an on-site pharmacy

Wondering what a Genoa on-site pharmacy could look like at your facility? Step inside our St. Joseph, Missouri pharmacy to see.

On-site telepharmacy

Genoa builds a telepharmacy within your organization at no cost to you.

Where available, Genoa can build a full-service, on-site telepharmacy, which looks and feels like a pharmacy but is staffed by a certified pharmacy technician. A remote pharmacist oversees prescriptions and patient counseling via HIPAA-compliant audio/visual technology, while an on-site pharmacy technician builds in-person relationships with your care team and consumers. 

On-site medication coordinator

On-site, dedicated Genoa pharmacy support.   

Too tight on space for an on-site pharmacy or telepharmacy? A Genoa medication coordinator can offer the same on-site, dedicated pharmacy support you’re looking for, all at no cost to you. Serving as a bridge between your care team and consumers and a nearby Genoa  pharmacy, a medication coordinator can help support your team and keep your consumers on their treatment plans.  

See how medication coordinators provide on-site support

Delivery services 

A nearby Genoa pharmacy delivers medications directly to your care team or the people you serve. 

Short on space and looking to quickly implement pharmacy support? Genoa offers no-cost pharmacy support that can deliver medications directly to your care team or the people you serve. 


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