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Retail pharmacy challenges highlight the need for reliable, uninterrupted pharmacy care

Oct 31st, 2023

Inconsistent hours, long lines and poor customer service have been an all-too-familiar experience for retail pharmacy consumers in recent years. Ongoing staffing shortages and increased demand for pharmacy support – two factors which have yet to ease up – create interruptions and barriers to care that could have real consequences for the people who need that care most.

During this ongoing crisis, consumers and organizations that have partnered with Genoa Healthcare have continued to receive the same consistent, high-touch pharmacy care they’ve come to expect. Genoa’s hours of operation have remained consistent and often align with those of its partner clinics. Genoa pharmacists are part of the consumer’s care team, collaborating closely with providers and prescribers to ensure consumer needs are met. The organization’s pharmacists even provide prescribers with proactive information about drug availability, helping to ease issues amid nationwide drug shortages. And Genoa takes pride in prioritizing outcomes – not patient volume – taking the time to get to know each consumer personally, ensuring all their individual pharmacy care needs are met.

This consistency in care and service results in high satisfaction scores, with a consumer net promoter score of 93 and provider net promoter score of 83.[1] Providers and consumers can rest assured knowing the services and high-quality care they’ve come to expect from Genoa will continue uninterrupted.

Is the service from your community retail pharmacies causing unnecessary frustrations for your consumers and staff or have pharmacies in your area recently closed? Genoa can help. Contact us today and we’ll be in touch.

[1] Genoa Healthcare. (2023) Bi-annual net promoter score survey. Unpublished internal company document.

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