A pharmacist on your side

Custom care when it counts

Pharmacy services specialized for assisted living communities.

Medication plans are specific to each individual — shouldn’t pharmacy services be, too? Hands-on, high-touch pharmacy care is just the beginning when it comes to Genoa Healthcare assisted living pharmacy services. With a local account manager dedicated to you, Genoa ensures each community we serve, and each resident’s treatment plan, gets the attention it deserves

Customization, care and confidence 

Genoa’s local pharmacy account manager means you or your loved ones have a hands-on, near-by resource their community can call at any time of day. Genoa account managers work closely with the nearby Genoa pharmacy team, which specializes in working with residents and staff of assisted living communities, to ensure you get the care you deserve. 

Besides offering a dedicated account manager, Genoa also provides:  

24/7 on-call assistance for any after-hours questions you have

Reliable medication delivery and mailing options to make sure medication is available as quickly as it’s needed

Assistance in insurance and billing services so you have a partner to help you work through prescription costs and renewals

On-site immunization services to reduce the number of stops and appointments you have to make

I just wanted to let you know how much of a success the pharmacy is in my life! My mother takes several medications daily, and it has been a real problem getting to the pharmacy to make sure she has the right medications at the right time. I talked with the Genoa pharmacist about all the medications and packaging, and they have done all the leg work to get her prescriptions transferred to Genoa. They set her up with mail delivery of her medications in packaging that works. This is a BIG relief!

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