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Improved outcomes and reduced costs for health plans

You want your members with complex, chronic health conditions to receive the best care possible: services and support that are coordinated, effective and data-driven. Genoa Healthcare partners with insurers and health plans across the country to offer their members top-notch pharmacy care and clinical services expertise. Whether it’s including our pharmacies in your network, partnering on medication management or creating customized value-based programs, we deliver results.

Specialized pharmacy care for members with complex health conditions

Genoa teams set out to improve the lives of members with complex health conditions, and our pharmacies are located in communities with a heightened need for specialized care. It starts with dedicated and trained pharmacists, and includes specialized packaging, proactive reminder calls, medication delivery and partnering with you on prior authorizations. Often located in community mental health centers or other local clinics, our pharmacies deliver better outcomes and reduce costs. 

Improved outcomes, decreased care costs

With medication adherence rates of more than 90 percent – compared to 50 percent at traditional pharmacies – members who use Genoa have 40 percent fewer emergency room visits and 18 percent fewer hospitalizations. This results in substantial savings every year in avoided care. 

Comprehensive medication management for at-risk organizations

Our team contracts with at-risk organizations to provide comprehensive medication management services and technology to more than five million members with complex health issues. Most of these individuals have four or more chronic diseases, take ten or more medications daily, and accrue $50,000 or more in medical care costs annually. 

Value-based programs with proven results

You work hard to ensure efficiency and drive better health outcomes for your members. Genoa has value-based programs in place with several organizations, and our team can partner with you to develop a program that meets your team’s needs. 

Clinical services to help you achieve the Quadruple Aim

Managing medications can be challenging for your members with complex medical conditions. Transitions in care can make it even more difficult. If they don’t stay on their medicine, they can run into a range of problems. It can also lower outcomes and drive up costs for you. 

Genoa Clinical Services can help. Our services are driven by medication optimization. Everything we do focuses on improving outcomes, lowering costs and delivering a better experience. 

Five ways our comprehensive care makes a difference:

Proprietary analytics

to identify those most in need of our services

High-touch engagement

to reach members at the right time, with the right care

One-on-one attention 

from a clinical pharmacist who builds trusting relationships

Data management

with dashboard reporting on financial, operational and clinical outcomes

Nexus Pharmaceutical Care System

the most clinically robust pharmacy care management platform on the market

Medication therapy management (MTM) vs. comprehensive medication management (CMM) services

  • Fulfills Medicare Part D Requirement 
  • One Annual Medication Review 
CMM Services 
  • Fulfills Medicare Part D Requirement 
  • One Annual Medication Review 
  • Multiple Follow-Ups 
  • Patient-Centered 
  • Personalized Care Plan and Therapy Goals 
  • Improves Star Ratings 
  • Increases Member Satisfaction 
  • Lowers Total Cost of Care 
CMM is an ongoing, holistic approach to patient care management, and involves the consolidation and coordination of a patient’s medication therapy. This goes beyond MTM by not only identifying DTPs, but addressing them by collaborating with the patient’s caregivers to close gaps in care and optimize their medication therapy. The result is a reduction in hospitalizations, ER visits and other higher cost services, driving down the total cost of care. 

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