Pharmacist at Genoa pharmacy window
Pharmacist at Genoa pharmacy window

Maximize your savings and impact

Your trusted 340B pharmacy partner

For qualified clinics and organizations, the 340B Drug Pricing Program offers savings on prescription drug costs, helping boost offerings and outcomes for those who need it most. Looking for a pharmacy partner that can help you stretch your savings and make a bigger impact? Genoa Healthcare has specialized in 340B for over 20 years, partnering with entities across the country to provide best-in-class pricing and high-touch care to the people they serve.

What is the 340B Pharmacy Program?

The federal 340B Program allows qualified hospitals and clinics to provide extended financial help to vulnerable communities by managing rising prescription drug costs.

Under the 340B Program, pharmaceutical manufacturers that participate in Medicaid are required to discount prices on outpatient drugs needed at eligible health organizations for uninsured and low-income patients.

Savings on the cost of prescription drugs allows the qualifying clinics and hospitals to invest money into additional critical resources for those they serve including vaccines, mental health care and other community programs.

340B Program Requirements

To participate in the 340B Program and purchase drugs at the specialty price, clinics must meet and maintain strict requirements as outlined by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration.

These requirements include:

Keeping 340B OPAIS information accurate and up to date

Annually confirm and recertify eligibility

Ensure only eligible patients receive 340B drugs

Duplicate Discount Prohibition

Maintain trackable records and documentation for program audits

Partnering with Genoa Healthcare for 340B benefits means:

  • Best-in-class pricing
  • Maximized shared savings by keeping your focus on clinical operations and outcomes while Genoa’s team handles pharmacy and medication services
  • Dedicated pharmacy that operates within your clinic’s needs and aligns with your team’s values
  • Capabilities of a national pharmacy organization but with a local presence and personalized touch
  • Superior adherence rates, meaning better outcomes for your consumers and more eligibility for shared cost savings
  • Reduced operational risk by out-sourcing pharmacy services to a trusted partner
  • Visibility and better control of patient outcomes with a pharmacy that’s on site
  • A committed account manager

FQHC standards are tough to meet. Genoa can help.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), your center needs to meet strict standards. Looking for a pharmacy partner that can help ensure you do? Genoa pharmacy services help FQHCs across the country achieve their standards by:

  • Increasing medication adherence rates and offering data to back it up
  • Growing the comprehensive service offerings to consumers
  • Maximizing reimbursements and overall profits

More information about 340B Program requirements can be found on the HRSA website.

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