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Thank you to our veterans: Showing our support

Nov 11th, 2021

Military Veterans Reentering the Civilian Workforce

The commitment and leadership that military veterans, including dozens of Genoa team members, bring to our country and communities is a precious gift, and we are grateful for those who have served. As valuable as veterans are to our society, far too many of them struggle — physically, emotionally and financially — from the sacrifices of their service.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs lists numerous challenges veterans can face when they transition from military life, including preparing to reenter the civilian workforce, adjusting to a different pace of life and work, and facing both physical and mental war wounds, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Struggles & Stigmas Veterans Face

Almost 8% of Americans will experience PTSD at some point during their lives, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, with even higher rates among people in the military and veterans. PTSD develops in some people who have experienced—or have seen others experience—a shocking or scary event. Symptoms typically include the following:

  • Re-experience: flashbacks, scary thoughts or bad dreams
  • Avoidance: staying away from places, objects, thoughts or feelings that remind them of the traumatic event
  • Anxiety: feeling tense, having trouble sleeping, having angry outbursts or being easily startled
  • Negative thoughts: having a hard time remembering important parts of the traumatic event, thinking negatively, feeling guilty or losing interest in activities that were once enjoyable

Stigma surrounding veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD or encounter other military-specific challenges can prevent many from seeking the support they need. Genoa Healthcare is committed to fighting stigma and barriers to care in communities across the nation, and to applying its specialized pharmacy services toward improving health care outcomes for service members.

“Recognizing signs and symptoms of behavioral health is how we, as veterans, look out for each other,” said Ohio-based Genoa Pharmacist Brian Kuruc, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves. “Extending that care to each and every consumer helps to build the relationship and beat the stigma associated with not seeking care. When the people we serve can trust the team behind the counter at the pharmacy, they know we have their backs.” 

“Genoa Healthcare is a veteran-friendly company that engages employees and fellow service members to get involved in the community,” said Kuruc, who has 27 years of reserve experience. “Transitioning from active-duty to civilian workforce can be challenging. Connecting an incoming veteran with a peer-mentor that understands the veteran mindset is an exceptional way that Genoa helps as a ‘veteran-friendly’ company. Any one of our Genoa veteran employees will jump at the chance to take care of the veteran community.”

To find out more about Genoa Healthcare’s commitment to hiring U.S. military veterans and their family members, or to apply for an open position, visit our military recruiting page or contact our recruiting team at [email protected].

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