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Panel Discussion: Making Hybrid Service Models Work “Better” By Leveraging Pharmacy Services

Nov 11th, 2021

Hybrid Healthcare Services

The pandemic has dramatically increased the acceptance and use of telehealth and other digital services, while also exacerbating social determinants of health for many Americans. And, while a return to more face-to-face services is expected, both consumers and payers are looking for provider organizations with ‘hybrid’ services models – combining the best of digital and in-person services. How do executive teams rethink service delivery – combining these two modalities – and how can pharmacy services make hybrid service models work better?

Genoa Healthcare’s Vice President of Sales Kevin O’Connell asked those questions to CEO of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Jeff O’Neil and Chief Medical Officer of Seven Counties Services INC Dr. Scott Hedges. Watch the webinar below to hear how each executive addressed:

  • The shift to providing hybrid care
  • How on-site pharmacy is helping clinic staff stay connected to consumers in a virtual world
  • The importance of medication adherence, especially amid the pandemic

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