Let’s close those care gaps

Feel confident knowing your consumers’ pharmacy will put them first. Just like you do.

Breathe easy knowing your consumers have specialized pharmacy support – right in their clinic, right on their care team. Whether you’re new to partnering with Genoa or want to learn how we can support you and your consumers, see what it means to work with our team.

“They brighten my day every time I come in here”

Dorothy’s story

It’s not often you hear that someone looks forward to a pharmacy visit. But for Dorothy, it’s a day-brightener every time she stops in. Learn how Genoa’s unique, hands-on approach to pharmacy care improves consumer outcomes and makes life easier for providers like you.


medication adherence rates¹


fewer emergency room visits¹


fewer hospitalizations¹

It’s about more than just medication

Beyond-the-counter pharmacy care

It can be tough to keep your consumers on their treatment. With Genoa, you have a pharmacy expert right on your care team who’s dedicated to keeping them on track. Genoa:

  • Conducts adherence calls
  • Ensures refills are picked up
  • Provides pre-filled pill organizers at no extra cost
  • Fills all medications
  • Offers financial assistance
  • Provides adherence reporting
  • Offers free medication mailing

Dedicated support every step of the way

Doing pharmacy differently

Whether the people you serve need someone to lean on or extra help staying on track with their treatment, Genoa can help. From walking consumers through their medication plan to connecting them with resources to meet their needs, our teams are a hands-on partner in their health.

Beyond that, Genoa pharmacies remember the little things – like sending birthday cards to their consumers – because they know they can make a big difference. Genoa also hosts an annual art celebration to celebrate its consumers, their talents and the healing power of art.

It takes a team

Driving better outcomes. Together.

Having a strong partnership with providers like you helps Genoa make an even bigger impact. Whether we’re open already or coming soon, talk to your facility’s pharmacy team to learn how Genoa’s unique offerings can support you and the people you serve.

[Genoa has] been a wonderful asset to our care team. They are always friendly, always willing and always available to address the needs of our clients. It makes my job so much easier.
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