Meet the needs of underserved populations with our custom telepsychiatry program.

Many people who need psychiatric services don’t have access to a provider. It can be challenging to reserve an appointment and get help when it’s critically important. To meet this need and bridge the current gap between patients and available providers, our telepsychiatry programs are here to help. With secure technology and a caring, capable team of telepsychiatry providers, we help people get access to quality care that might otherwise be unavailable.


Build a telepsychiatry program with compassionate providers you can trust.

Our work makes it possible for telepsychiatry services to be administered in community mental health centers, primary care settings, inpatient units and emergency departments nationwide. We have proprietary technology that integrates into the unique workflow of each setting, with HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software, appointment scheduler, notes and prescription tools. Most importantly, we increase access by getting resources where they are needed, connecting psychiatrists to patients and other caregivers on the team.

Expand your care team with telepsychiatry


Your practice is in your control.

For mental health providers, we offer a structured and organized way to see more patients and maintain a flexible schedule and lifestyle. Even within an existing busy practice, the administrative and management support we provide allows providers to help more people as seamlessly as possible.

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