For Health Plans/At-Risk Providers Improving outcomes and reducing costs with medication management services for health plans.

Improved health lowers costs

For your members with complex medical conditions, managing medications can be challenging, especially during transitions in care. Their condition can worsen through lack of adherence to the right prescribed medications, spiraling into even more severe problems.

Our trained clinical pharmacists work with members to assess each medication, resolve any drug therapy problems, set goals, and evaluate progress, all in close communication with the clinical team.

Custom solutions for your plan

We can build the right solution for your organization.

Comprehensive Medication Management Services 

Our pharmacists conduct comprehensive medication reviews by phone looking for contraindications, unnecessary medications and other ways to improve care from a pharmaceutical care point of view. They then work with all providers on a member’s care team to make changes to a member’s treatment plan.

While traditional medication therapy management is a one-time comprehensive review of a member’s medication history to identify any potential drug therapy problems and/or other medication-related issues, comprehensive medication management services take it to the next level in several ways by:

  • Focusing on total cost of care reduction as the primary objective;
  • Allowing for deeper engagement with the member to discuss psycho-social, lifestyle, barriers to medication and other issues a member might have with their healthcare;
  • Including development and coordination of the care plan for the member; and
  • Including multiple visits to ensure that the care plan is working, coordination with other providers and adjustments as needed.

In short, comprehensive medication management services are sustained and coordinated and medication therapy management is a one-time isolated benefit. We offer both services and they both provide value, depending on your goals and needs.

Medication Adherence Management  

We help health plans improve their pharmacy-related quality and star ratings by making outreach calls to high-risk members on several medications.

Proprietary Pharmaceutical Care Management Software

We also offer our software as a service. The Nexus™ System is a pharmacist-oriented care management platform that guides providers to deliver best practice care while it documents pharmaceutical care systematically and comprehensively.

We deliver results

While the benefits of comprehensive medication management services are best experienced over a longer period of time, we can show savings and a return-on-investment in the first year of a given program. In fact, we’ve been able to achieve an average of 5 stars (the highest rating) for Medication Therapy Management, and 4 Star Ratings to medication reconciliation.

In addition, 96 percent of health plan members are satisfied with the program.


% of our plans pass CMS reporting on the first attempt


% Member Satisfaction Rate

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