Tell your consumers and staff about Genoa

Resources for Genoa Partners

Could your patients use some extra help with their medications? Remind them that Genoa Healthcare pharmacy is part of their team. Use the materials below to tell your consumers, your clinic staff and community partners about Genoa.

Website Copy

Post this copy on your website so consumers can read about the pharmacy services available to them.

Newsletter copy

Use this copy in the newsletters that you send to staff, consumers, or both!

Social media copy

Share this copy on your social media channels to tell followers about Genoa’s pharmacy services at your location!

Virtual waiting room ads

Feature one or more of these ads in your virtual waiting room to inform consumers about Genoa while they await their telehealth appointments. Please also feel free to utilize these ads on any digital displays that you have available in your physical waiting rooms.

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Do you have additional marketing needs or questions? Reach out to Genoa’s marketing team at [email protected].