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What’s on the horizon: four emerging trends in the medication-assisted treatment space

Mar 6th, 2023

Keeping you informed as MAT evolves

Although medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs are not new, they have recently gained renewed attention for their integral role in combating opioid use disorder (OUD), a chronic health condition that can be very life-threatening for those who live with it.

As the benefits of MAT programs are more widely realized, the regulations and restrictions on its use are continually evolving. There are several exciting recent trends and developments on the horizon, including:

  • Updated practice guidelines for the use of buprenorphine to treat opioid-use disorder
    • An X-Waiver is no longer required to treat patients with buprenorphine for OUD1
    • Going forward, prescriptions for buprenorphine will only require a standard DEA registration number
    • Subject to state law, physicians and other health care professionals with a regular DEA license can prescribe buprenorphine
  • Injectable treatment option – extended-release buprenorphine (Sublocade®)2
    • Approved for use as maintenance treatment of moderate to severe OUD in patients that have first initiated transmucosal buprenorphine
    • This treatment option is great for medication adherence
    • Does not require daily dosing
    • One monthly injection delivers a continuous release of medication throughout the month
  • Boston Medical Center MAT App (BMC MAT app) provides clinical guidance to help providers get up to speed on MAT administration3
    • This app is designed for providers new to the MAT space
    • Contains up-to-date guidelines and studies that can help with decision making
  • Telemedicine MAT programs have been proven to be equally as successful as in person treatment (per Maryland study)4

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