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Webinar: Integrated Pharmacy and Telehealth Deliver Complete Behavioral Health Care

Jun 24th, 2020

The demand for telehealth is expected to soar by over 64% in 2020, in response to COVID-19. But with that rapid rise comes many challenges, including building and retaining a client base, and providing complete care for consumers who are no longer coming to the clinic.

Integrated Pharmacy & Telehealth Webinar

Genoa Healthcare recently partnered with OPEN MINDS to host a webinar about the role pharmacy can play in maximizing a telehealth program in a behavioral health setting. Below you can watch the 60-minute webinar, which covers how integrated pharmacy can:

  • Serve as a bridge between your care team and patients
  • Deliver seamless medication management via telehealth
  • Flex to fulfill pharmacy needs that have changed due to COVID-19

To learn more about how pharmacy services can help you and your consumers, contact us today.

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