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To our pharmacy teams: Thank you

Oct 13th, 2023

The need for specialized pharmacy care has never been greater than it is now. As rates of mental illness, substance use disorder and other complex, chronic conditions continue to soar, pharmacy teams are on the front lines as a crucial part of the consumer’s care team. Genoa pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and consumer medication coordinators serve nearly 1 million consumers in over 700 locations across 47 states and the District of Columbia. They make a difference in their communities by being an accessible, stigma-free resource for the people they serve.

Though important parts of the job, the role of a pharmacist, pharmacy technician and consumer medication coordinator goes far beyond filling prescriptions and making refill calls. For Genoa pharmacy teams, providing quality, pharmacy care for medically underserved populations is personal – and our consumers and caregivers notice their inclination to go above and beyond.

Today and every day, we thank our pharmacists and their teams for their commitment to the people they serve.

The Genoa pharmacy team is amazing and always goes above and beyond. They played a huge role in helping me get back on my feet and finding a job. I look forward to going into the clinic and telling them all my exciting life updates.

– Consumer in Phoenix, Ariz.

I couldn’t be more blessed and happier with the customer service from all the employees that work at the Tucson pharmacy. They always greet me and know me by first name. They go above and beyond to make sure all my medications are filled exactly when I need them! I absolutely love this pharmacy and the pharmacy team!

– Consumer in Tucson, Ariz.

I absolutely love your pharmacy team! I’ve been going to this pharmacy exclusively since 2018. I have had nothing but great experiences! I used to be located nearby and always enjoyed picking up my prescriptions and chatting for a couple minutes. Now I’m further away and I miss their smiling faces, but I still get the same quality customer service over the phone. They go above and beyond and are always willing to help. They care about their customers and will follow up.

– Consumer in Eden Prairie, Minn.

The pharmacy team is always friendly, efficient and detail-oriented regardless of how busy it is! Kudos and thank you for all you do!

– Consumer in Phoenix, Ariz.

When the pandemic hit, everyone felt alone, afraid and uncertain. None of these are feelings that those of us who struggle with mental illness are strangers to. We have collectively observed the neurotypical world respond to a reality we have long belabored under.

The people at your Winston-Salem location are literally made of sunlight and spun sugar. They have forever changed me going forward with their depthless humanity, candid nature and sense of humor. They set the standard. 

–  Consumer in Winston Salem, N.C.

I’d like to tell you that this pharmacy has provided me the best customer service in my entire life. I have never been treated with such kindness and with such care. In a time when I was feeling my worst, I looked forward to seeing them to pick up my medications because they just make my entire day better. They are all such special, caring and wonderful people.

–  Consumer in Rockford, Ill.

Dear Genoa pharmacy team — I appreciate the special time and attention you always give to my son’s medical needs. Today was one of those trying days for me, but you made it so much brighter!

Thank you, a grateful mother.

–  Consumer in Kansas City, Ky.

The Genoa pharmacy team is filled with really kind people. I feel silly saying that I look forward to going to the pharmacy of all places, but I do. 

–  Consumer in Grand Junction, Colo.

I have been using this pharmacy for a while now and I love it. The people that work there are the friendliest and most compassionate people. They are so very busy, but are still so happy and friendly.

– Consumer in North Bend, Ore.

This is the best pharmacy I have ever been to — your pharmacy team is so nice and helpful. Thanks for being there.

– Consumer in New Orleans, La.

I want to let you know that my pharmacist always takes care of my needs with a sincerity that’s so genuine, he makes me feel like family. I always have my questions answered and medications are delivered to me promptly when I’m unable to pick them up. I wish everything was this easy!

–  Consumer in Mission Viejo, Calif.

Do you have any words of appreciation that you’d like to share about our pharmacy teams? Contact us to share your story. 

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