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Partnering with Genoa Healthcare for Assisted Living Pharmacy: PeopleServe (Jackson, Wisc.)

Mar 1st, 2021

Josh McCutcheon, Team Coordinator, PeopleServe, describes how Genoa Healthcare has improved pharmacy care at PeopleServe.

PeopleServe provides home care, living arrangements and residential support to individuals with disabilities in Wisconsin. We started working with Genoa Healthcare to provide pharmacy services to our residents in 2012 and have yet to look back.

Unparalleled customer service

Above all else, Genoa Healthcare exemplifies an unheard of level of customer service. When we pick up the phone we always speak to a real person. Their consulting pharmacists are knowledgeable, professional, and they work seamlessly with our staff.

In fact, when we made the decision to transition to Genoa more than nine years ago, they did an outstanding job during the conversion. Whatever it takes to get the job done, they’re always in lock step with us through the entire process.

The meaning of integrity

We recently had a resident who had a relatively invasive emergency surgery and was potentially going to be hospitalized, which was something our resident didn’t want. Fortunately he was able to come home because we got a hold of Genoa and were able to get his medications after hours in a timely fashion. It was literally just one call to Genoa and we were able to prevent him from having to stay in the hospital overnight.

An integral part of our team

The level of attention, follow-up, and overall service of Genoa is unmatched. Their management is personally involved in the daily operations of their pharmacy teams and more importantly, their employees demonstrate a sense of ownership in their decisions and actions.

I’d recommend Genoa to any assisted living facility that is looking for a high-touch, approachable, and dependable pharmacy partner.

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