Operating Behavioral Health Programs in a Pandemic
Operating Behavioral Health Programs in a Pandemic
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Operating Behavioral Health Programs in a Pandemic: Success Stories from Around the Country

Oct 7th, 2020

Behavioral Health Services in a Pandemic

Demand for mental health services has increased during COVID-19, including a 10% rise in suicidal considerations.

The rising demand due to the pandemic creates a number of new challenges for community mental health centers.

Executives from behavioral health centers in New Jersey, Ohio and Arizona shared practical tips for serving consumers and managing these challenges amid the pandemic in a recent Open Minds panel discussion. Watch the panel video below to hear their advice, including:

  • How to communicate with consumers and staff in a virtual world
  • How to overcome barriers to providing face-to-face care for those who need it
  • Creative ways to engage with consumers and staff, to show support and appreciation


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