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Long-acting injectables

Keeping your consumers on track with their medications and out of the hospital can be difficult, especially if your clinic is facing staffing shortages, but we’re here for you. Genoa Healthcare’s long-acting injectables (LAI) antipsychotic services can ease some of the burdens your team members face and improve outcomes for the people you serve.

Our services

Where available, Genoa Healthcare can fill and administer a long-acting injectable when a decision is made to start this type of treatment. Additionally, Genoa Healthcare can:

  • Assist with prior authorizations
  • Fill LAIs along with all other medications
  • Administer LAIs where allowed (varies state by state)
  • Help navigate the billing process
  • Ensure there are no challenges with stocking and availability of LAIs

Improving Outcomes

When appropriate, long-acting injectables can help improve outcomes for some patients. Compared to oral therapy, they offer confirmed patient adherence and consistent drug delivery. They also help prevent overdoses of anti-psychotic medications. Our pharmacists work with patients to counsel and monitor the use of the medication, and administer where available. We place refill reminder calls reminding patients to come in for the next injection. Pharmacists also coordinate with providers as part of the care team to improve patient outcomes.

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