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Staying Connected to Consumers in a Virtual World: How an Integrated Pharmacy can Help

Oct 7th, 2020

Benefits of an Integrated Pharmacy

Access to mental health care is more important than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many mental health centers to provide critical services only, delivering much of that care via telehealth. As centers settle into the telehealth world, many may be searching for new ways to connect with consumers and maintain and improve consumer outcomes. An integrated pharmacy can help.

A crucial touchpoint for consumers: An integrated pharmacy can act as a bridge between providers and their patients, providing additional consumer touchpoints in a virtual world.

A resource for center staff: When center staff and providers have any medication-related needs or questions, an integrated pharmacy is there, on-site to answer them.

Services to keep consumers on their treatment plans: Reduced face time with consumers can make it hard to keep them on their medications. An integrated pharmacy builds relationships with each person, understanding their needs and providing personalized services like packaging and free medication mailing to make sure they get and stay on their medications.

An on-site pharmacy with a partner like Genoa Healthcare can provide specialized pharmacy services dedicated to those in the behavioral health and addiction communities. Genoa also provides telepharmacy services and consumer medication coordinators, depending on each center’s needs. All Genoa Healthcare pharmacy models can:

  • Fill and synchronize all medications (behavioral and primary care)
  • Mail prescriptions at no additional cost
  • Conduct outreach calls to keep consumers on track
  • Help with prior authorizations, medication and insurance questions
  • Provide customized pill organizers to consumers with medications sorted by date and time

All of this results in a medication adherence rate over 90% for people who use Genoa.

To learn more about how an integrated pharmacy can help your center maximize your telehealth program, watch our webinar below:

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