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Going the distance for consumers with substance use disorder

Apr 14th, 2021

For Pharmacist Mostafa Saleh, RPh, distance isn’t a barrier in providing great care.

Saleh, the site manager at one of Genoa Healthcare’s Portland, Ore., pharmacies, recently had a consumer graduate from the addiction recovery program at a nearby Oregon Adult & Teen Challenge campus and move over 300 miles away. Before leaving, he called to ask if he could continue filling his prescriptions at Genoa.

“We’re always there for the people we serve,” said Saleh. “His trust to have us keep caring for him—even after his move—meant everything.”

Pharmacist Mostafa Saleh, RPh, at his Portland, Ore. pharmacy.

Non-Adherence can be Detrimental to Substance Use Disorder Patients

Adult & Teen Challenge is a faith-based non-profit that offers rehabilitation services for people with substance use disorder. Some of the people they serve take 15-20 different medications, according to Brian Nelson, chief operating officer of Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge, which can be difficult to manage.

In 2020, Genoa Healthcare partnered with the Portland campus to help keep their consumers on their medication plans, and has since expanded to serve all of Adult & Teen Challenge’s campuses in Oregon. Genoa Healthcare also partners with Adult & Teen Challenge in Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, substance use disorder is typically associated with lower medication adherence among people with mental illnesses. Some factors that relate to this non-adherence include:

  • Medication side effects
  • Medication avoidance
  • Level of medication satisfaction
  • Lack of social support
  • Complicated treatment plan

Genoa Healthcare works to break down adherence barriers for consumers with substance use disorder by:

  • Helping them stay on track with pre-filled pill organizers
  • Ensuring they never miss a dose with refill reminder calls
  • Simplifying their treatment by filling all medications and providing delivery and mail options
  • Being there to answer questions or address concerns related to their treatment plan
  • Connecting with other members of the consumer’s care team to discuss their progress

“It has been absolutely amazing to watch Genoa’s team work with the people we serve and their primary care physicians,” said Nelson. “This partnership has benefited their lives tremendously.”

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