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Genoa pharmacy technician assists family after fire devastates their home

Feb 3rd, 2022

It seemed like a normal day for Pennsylvania Pharmacy Technician Veronica Bennett, until she received a heart-wrenching call from a new consumer’s husband. Their family had just lost everything in a devastating house fire, including needed psychiatric medications. To make matters worse, navigating a request for an emergency refill with their insurance company was becoming complicated.

“I felt horrible, and knew something had to be done to help them,” Bennett said. “As if losing everything you own in a house fire isn’t horrible enough, this poor woman now had zero medication to help her cope with the reality of what she had to face. I told her husband I would call the insurance company and help fill the prescription.”

“If I were in their position, I would hope someone would do the same for me,” Bennett said. “I wanted to get this taken care of for them as soon as possible, because I knew their world was spinning out of control. If this was one thing I could do to help them get back in control and maintain their health, I was going to do it.”

Genoa Healthcare Pharmacist Goes the Extra Mile

After back-and-forth with their insurance company, Bennett filled the consumer’s prescriptions and facilitated pick-up for a family member in the lobby of the clinic after closing while the husband was still at work.

“The family was so thankful. They are relatively new consumers to us and were very grateful for our compassion and support,” Bennett’s manager, Pharmacist Kimberly Myers, said. “I was so proud that Veronica did all that she did to help this family. It really showed me that she cares as much as I do and that I can count on her.”

Pennsylvania Pharmacist Kimberly Myers with Pharmacy Technician Veronica Bennett. The pharmacy helped a consumer who lost everything in a house fire.

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