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Genoa Healthcare Opens Twelve New Pharmacies!

Jul 30th, 2018

Over the past few months, Genoa Healthcare has opened 12 new pharmacies across the country. We’re excited to expand our footprint and serve more people than ever before. New pharmacies include:

  • Manchester, New Hampshire Pharmacy, located within The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester
  • Hammond, Indiana Pharmacy, located within Oak Street Health
  • Farmville, Virginia Pharmacy, located within Crossroads Community Service Board
  • Bowling Green, Ohio Pharmacy, located within Harbor Behavioral Health
  • Syracuse, New York Pharmacy, located within Helio Health, Inc.
  • Jackson, Mississippi Pharmacy, located within Hinds Behavioral Health Services
  • Bellingham, Washington Pharmacy, located within Compass Health
  • Morristown, Tennessee Pharmacy, located within Helen Ross McNabb Center
  • Syracuse, New York Pharmacy, located within Liberty Resources
  • Charlestown, Massachusetts Pharmacy, located within TILL, Inc.
  • Dayton, Tennessee Pharmacy, located within Volunteer Behavioral Health
  • Greenfield, Massachusetts Pharmacy, located within Clinical & Support Options, Inc.

We welcome all staff to the team, and look forward to serving your communities!

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