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Genoa Healthcare opens new pharmacy serving LGBTQ+ community in Las Vegas

Apr 28th, 2023

Genoa Healthcare opened a new pharmacy providing access to quality health care and HIV treatment and prevention in Las Vegas. Located in The Center, the pharmacy will offer holistic, integrated pharmacy care for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Our location on site in The Center enables Genoa to provide convenient, accessible pharmacy services in the same facility patients receive their care,” said Todd Gustin, CEO of Genoa Healthcare. “Patients can walk into the pharmacy and ask their pharmacist a question without an appointment, and they can receive HIV treatment on the same day of their diagnosis or access HIV prevention right down the hall from their care providers.”

Genoa provides pharmacy services to individuals in the same facility they receive their care, making it easier to obtain needed medications and leading to improved health outcomes. The integrated pharmacy model has been proven to help break down those barriers – resulting in a 91% adherence rate, compared to 50% with a traditional approach, helping prevent treatment failure and viral resistance, along with transmission of new HIV disease within the community.

“The opening of the new Genoa pharmacy is an opportunity to help bridge the gap in care and make a difference in health care outcomes and quality of life for LGBTQ+ individuals,” said Brian Hosier, COO of The Center. “It will be a vital resource for the at-risk populations we serve.”

Genoa is dedicated to serving people from all backgrounds and provides hands-on, personal pharmacy services to people with HIV, mental illness, substance use disorder and other complex conditions. This is Genoa’s fourth pharmacy in Nevada.

With more than 20 years of experience, Genoa serves over one million people annually across 47 states and the District of Columbia. While Genoa has a nationwide presence, its pharmacies offer personalized services, can fill all medications and have the atmosphere of a neighborhood pharmacy.

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