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Genoa Healthcare Announces Winners of Nationwide Art Contest

Dec 20th, 2018

Renton, WA, December 20, 2018 – Genoa Healthcare, the leading provider of pharmacy, telepsychiatry, and medication management services for individuals with behavioral health and other complex conditions, has announced the winners of its annual nationwide art contest.

More than 300 entries were submitted by individuals looking to share their story through art and narrative. To celebrate the winning artwork, 13 pieces will be included in Genoa Healthcare’s 2019 calendar that is distributed to Genoa’s 444 pharmacies across the country. Three other winning pieces will be featured on the cover of Genoa’s annual holiday, birthday and thank you cards. All winning pieces can be viewed here.

Since 2011, Genoa Healthcare has hosted its nationwide art contest to provide individuals an opportunity to creatively express themselves through art. Studies show that drawing, painting, or molding objects from clay improves mental health and helps people deal with life events.

“Art therapy is a wonderful path to self-exploration, expression and a process to grapple with internal conflicts” said Dr. Mehdi Qalbani, psychiatrist and clinical advisor for Genoa Healthcare Telepsychiatry. “Appreciating and celebrating the art created by our patients is a recognition of this process and the work, often difficult, that went into each piece.”

“I find joy in art; it just makes sense,” said Ashley Beller Hernandez, whose colorful painting of a peacock was chosen for the 2019 calendar. “It helps me cope with my depression. I can put everything I’m feeling in my head down on paper, where it doesn’t feel so permanent.”

Danielle Nealy, who has submitted multiple pieces to Genoa’s art contests over the years, began drawing and painting in 2008 after her mother passed away. “My mother was an artist and I always admired her work,” said Danielle. “Art is a way for me to feel connected to her.” Danielle’s winning painting of an eagle will be featured in the 2019 calendar.

Both artists encourage others to try art as a way to improve their mental health. “I would suggest art to literally everyone,” said Ashley. “Even to those who say, ‘I can’t even draw a stick person,’ I recommend they give it a try.”

Each artist will also be featured individually on Genoa’s Insights Blog over the course of the year. Visit the Insights Blog at www.genoahealthcare.com.

The calendar, including one piece of art for each month, is available at no charge at Genoa Healthcare pharmacies across the country.


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Genoa Healthcare has been serving the behavioral health community for nearly 20 years, providing pharmacy services, telepsychiatry and medication management solutions. Today, Genoa Healthcare serves more than 650,000 individuals annually in 46 states and the District of Columbia, and fills more than 15 million prescriptions per year. Genoa Healthcare is the fifth largest drug chain in the U.S, with more than 435 pharmacies located onsite within community mental health centers. Visit www.genoahealthcare.com.

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