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“I really live and breathe my art.” ~William Butcheé Jr.

Jan 8th, 2019

Genoa Healthcare Consumer William Butcheé Jr. Wins Nationwide Art Contest

William Butcheé Jr. was a curious kid with a vivid imagination. “I would disassemble toys just to see how they were put together,” said William. “Then I would think, ‘If someone can make that, I can make something.’”

Butcheé is one of over 300 artists who entered Genoa Healthcare’s annual art contest at the end of 2018. His winning painting of a lighthouse on the water will be featured in the 2019 Genoa Healthcare calendar. Studies show that drawing, painting, or molding objects from clay improves mental health and helps people deal with life events. Since 2011, Genoa Healthcare has hosted its nationwide art contest to recognize and celebrate the mental health benefits that art provides.

Butcheé was just five years old when he did his first sketch. “When my uncle went to the army, I sketched a portrait of him in his uniform,” he said. “He cherished my drawing and has passed it on to his daughter, who still keeps it to this day.”

Inspired by his imagination, William describes his art as “the essence of me. I really live and breathe my art.” He recounts the lighthouse painting as a particularly cunning piece. “You see the lighthouse, but no light being emitted. You see the moon, but no reflection on the water. I never stop being amazed by what I see, and I want others to experience that too.”

For him, art is a way to give back. “I paint for the glory of others,” he said. “If you’re in a position to share something with others, then I encourage you to do that.”

Of the more than 300 entries, 13 pieces have been included in Genoa Healthcare’s 2019 calendar, which is distributed to the organization’s 448 pharmacies across the country. Three other winning pieces are featured on the cover of Genoa Healthcare’s annual holiday, birthday and thank you cards. All winning pieces can be viewed here.

William Butcheé Jr. is one of 13 winners chosen from over 300 entries

Art contest winner William Butcheé Jr. (center)

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