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3 ways Genoa pharmacy teams can support amid staffing shortages

Jun 7th, 2023

Behavioral health centers across the U.S. continue to feel the strain of staffing shortages. Looking to provide your team some extra support? Genoa Healthcare pharmacy teams can reduce their burdens surrounding long-acting injectables, prior authorizations and medication management.

1. Looking for help managing long-acting injectables (LAIs)? Genoa can boost your team’s confidence in prescribing them.

When appropriate, long-acting injectables (LAIs) can help improve outcomes for patients because they can confirm adherence, ensure consistent medication delivery and prevent overdoses of anti-psychotic medications. Stocking, monitoring and scheduling the administration of the medication, however, can be challenging for care teams that are short on staff.

Genoa pharmacists can help boost your team’s confidence in prescribing LAIs by filling the medication, working with patients to counsel on and monitor their use of it, and even administering them where available. Our teams even proactively call patients to remind them about their next injection and work closely with their providers to help improve their outcomes.

2. Is your team feeling burdened by piles of paperwork? Genoa can assist with prior authorizations and patient-assistance program applications.

Challenges with health insurance — including prior authorization requirements and affordability concerns — can arise when a patient goes to the pharmacy to pick up their medication. Genoa pharmacy teams can help reduce your team’s burdens by assisting with prior authorizations, or, if needed, consulting a physician to find an alternative medication for the people you serve.

Pharmaceutical companies offer patient-assistance programs to provide free brand-name medications for qualified patients who apply, but the application process can be complicated for people living with mental health conditions. Genoa pharmacies can help your team by regularly working with patients to identify and submit initial applications, and assisting with their reapplications.

3. Want your team to manage care instead of medications? Let Genoa take on your consumers’ medication management.

Many of your patients are on multiple medications that must be taken at different times and frequencies. Knowing when and how to take medications can be complicated for some patients, which makes it challenging for your team to help keep them on track.

Genoa pharmacy teams provide:

  • An added touchpoint on your care team to connect with patients between their appointments
  • Refill synchronization to reduce the number of pharmacy visits a patient or their caregiver must make
  • Customized packaging to help your patients stay adherent 
  • Free mailing or delivery to ensure your patients can get — and stay on — their medications

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