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How patients suffering from mental health can find the help they need

January 28, 2018

Original Post: What are the biggest challenges for patients suffering from mental health?   Mark Peterson: Stigma often prevents people suffering from mental illness from seeking help. And if an individual does decide to get help, it can be overwhelming trying to understand where to get care and which resources...

Congress must preserve mental health coverage

January 28, 2018

Original Post: John Figueroa |  05/17/17 A 40-year-old man was at home, empty pill bottles at his side, when he was delivered yet another “no.” On the phone with his insurance company, he was told his prescription to treat his schizoaffective disorder – a condition with symptoms such as...

When natural disaster strikes, keeping psychiatric meds available is essential

October 9, 2017

Original at MinnPost: By Andy Steiner | 10/09/17 When a natural disaster strikes, the public quickly becomes aware that people with serious physical ailments like diabetes or kidney disease need access to the medications or treatments that keep them alive. But little gets reported about another urgent medical concern: People with serious...